Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Lunch Time Concert and for Free.

I have been to the National Concert Hall a couple of time in the last year mainly to hear modern music. Symphonic rock and a night at the Oscars
When I saw a add on the telly for free tickets to a lunch time concert to launch the new season for the RTE National Symphony Orchestra I applied and got 2.  My Son and I went along yesterday and really enjoyed ourselves. We were surprised by how many of the pieces we knew. We are going to sit down and look through the programme for the new season and pick out 1or 2 concerts to go to.


  1. How lovely. It's not often you get offered something for free so you need to grab it when you can. I hope you find some nice concerts to go to.

  2. Your right Jo. It's nice to get some thing for nothing once in awhile.