Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Garden in June.

I was in Johnstown Garden Centre on Saturday morning and I went on a bit of a bender.


My plan is to sort out the bed at the end of the garden. The holly,  the mahonia and the raspberry canes have gone a bit mad. I do think green is a lovely colour but I wanted something to stand out and call me to the end of the garden.  I hope the peony is going to do that plus I always wanted one.
I spent Monday sorting it all out.

I will sort out the side bit when the raspberries finish. There is Solomon seal in there somewhere.

The first of many.
I also took the opportunity to plant up the pots I had sitting around.

 The dahlias were starting to out grow their pots

Most of the garden looks neat and tidy. There is one or two spots that need work .

This year I'm having a go at growing my tomato plants in a grow bag and I'm trying them in the plastic green house, It is looking good so far.

As a special treat I pulled the first of the radishes to add to my lunch.


  1. Dear Cookie
    Wow! What a lot of beautiful plants you bought. I hope they settle in and grow really well for you. Your tomatoes are coming along brilliantly too. I am attempting to grow beetroot for the first time ever and so far they are just little seedlings and aren't showing any signs of getting bigger. As with so much in gardening, patience is what is needed I think!
    Best wishes

    1. Hi Ellie.
      The beetroot can be slow to get going but it will get there. Gardening teaches us alot about patience.

  2. I keep seeing astrantias on different blogs and keep saying to myself that I must get one, they're such lovely flowers. Your new purchases will look lovely in the garden once they've settled in.

    1. Hi Jo.
      I have another astrantias in pink and it has surived everything the weather has thrown at it over the years and comes back better every year.